By Jamil Damji

How to Wholesale Real Estate

Create low-risk wealth by wholesaling real estate, even if you don't have the experience or cash to invest.

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“No matter what area of real estate you learn about, you need to learn from the best. In the wholesale game there is Jamil… and then everybody else.” 
Grant Cardone, NYT Best-Selling Author of The 10x Rule

Do you want to build wealth with real estate but don't want to deal with tenants, toilets, or trash? 

Wholesaling real estate is a popular strategy where a wholesaler identifies and contracts distressed or “as-is” properties and sells those contracts to savvy investors prior to closing—no down payments, renovations, or mortgages needed. In an ever-changing housing market, this step-by-step book presents a high-return strategy to get your feet wet before diving into wealth through real estate.  

Jamil Damji has successfully trained thousands of investors to wholesale ethically, legally, and profitably. The host of A&E's TV show Triple Digit Flip, he is now bringing his unique knowledge into print for the first time. With Jamil’s strategies, you’ll master this fast-paced, lucrative business and generate long-term wealth and passive income with little risk and even less cash. 

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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Atticus K. (New York, NY)

How to Wholesale Real Estate

Cody C. (Chicago, IL)
Best book ever

The information in the book on wholesaling is unmatched to anything you’ll find on YouTube

Jennifer F.M. (Toledo, OH)
Not just another book on how to make money!!

This review is long over due, and I'm sorry Jamil. I read this book right when it was available, and LOVED IT! The book is wonderfully written, and as always Jamil Damji shows his true colors. Jamil gives so much of his life to helping others, and this book is a true testimony of how wholesaling should be done.

Earl A.J. (Chicago, IL)
Well Worth it!!

Excellent and well written book on how to wholesale real estate. Jamil is a great teacher and wants to see everyone win. Get the book and learn how to wholesale..

KMichelle D. (Detroit, MI)
Excellent Wholesaling Guidebook!

A comprehensive guidebook to wholesaling that reviews industry standards, jargon and best practices for scaling a business. The tone is encouraging and there is a wonderful value add with testimonials and scenarios. I look forward to re-reading. Many thanks Jamil!

About the Author
Jamil Damji is the host of A&E's TV show, Triple Digit Flip, and cofounder of KeyGlee—a nationally franchised real estate wholesaling outfit operating in 118 markets. He personally has completed more than 6,000 wholesale and fix-and-flip deals over the course of his twenty-year real estate investing career. Jamil is also the visionary behind AstroFlipping—a community of real estate wholesalers with more than 4,000 active members—and a recurring cohost of the BiggerPockets On the Market podcast. His true passion is teaching others how to invest in real estate in a smart, strategic, and ethical way to create generational wealth. Jamil currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.