By Chad Carson

Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor

Discover exactly how to buy, finance, and manage a SMALL portfolio of rental properties that gives you all the flexibility you need!

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Winner of the 2024 Independent Press Award (Entrepreneurship & Small Business)

"This book delivers everything you could ask for... from strategy to tactics, but it's so much more than that: It's a deep and thoughtful look at how to achieve your financial and life goals, and most importantly, how to define what 'enough' truly is."
—Brad Barrett, co-founder and host of the ChooseFI Podcast

You don’t need to build a massive real estate empire to achieve financial freedom, and you don’t have to sacrifice what matters to build wealth. Rather than chasing a goalpost that always moves, a small and mighty investor keeps their strategy simple to maximize flexibility and build the life they want.

Chad Carson (aka Coach Carson) intentionally built a small rental property portfolio to give his family full financial independence while requiring less than two hours per week of his time. In this book, he shares practical, step-by-step strategies for real estate investors who want more freedom, not another job. Whether you're new to real estate or hoping to downsize, this practical guide will show you a simpler, safer, and faster path to building cash flow with rental properties—so you can get out of the financial grind and do more of what matters in your life.

  • Determine the property types and locations that make the most money with the least time 
  • Uncover budget-friendly (and time-friendly!) methods to find the best real estate deals 
  • Learn how to build an all-star team that saves you time and money 
  • Discover low-risk financing techniques that avoid big mistakes 
  • Negotiate effectively and authentically to get more offers accepted 
  • Systematize and outsource your rental business to free up time and energy 
  • Learn how to buy properties free and clear of debt for a simple, low-risk portfolio
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Amy P. (Lake in the Hills, IL)
Small & Mighty Real Estate Investor

As an investor with two properties, Small & Mighty Real Estate Investor was a helpful guide to learn how to maximize what we have not, and plan for the future in a more thoughtful way. Great read and a book I will refer to as we grow our small and mighty investing portfolio!

Alex W. (Durango, CO)

Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor

Kenny T. (Hyannis, MA)
Absolutely LOVED the book!!

Coach Carson's down to earth communication had me feeling connected from the get go! This book changed my life. Financial freedom is enough. In a culture of idolizing the billionaire, if is refreshing to aspire to be a thousandaire (As in cashflow). Now my goal is to under achieve which is quite an achievement when looking from far above. Most Americans cannot even support themselves through retirement. Slow, steady and deliberate works no matter what you are doing and especially with Real Estate. I love your approach Coach Carson! The point is to enjoy your time on the planet, not to run and risk until the stress ruins you in an attempt to become wealthy. Rather, having time to experience your life is the wealth I am now after. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Kenny Tomasian

Josh S. (Charlotte, NC)
This is the Way

“Coach” Chad Carson has it figured out. Going 10x is the right answer for Grant Cardone and some investors but the majority of us are more likely happy with a Small and Mighty portfolio. The Small and Mighty portfolio is the foundation of a great family and community centered life.

If you look closely at your local market, you will find pockets of small and mighty Mom and Pop investors who have quietly lead great lives and been successful businesses for the past many decades. This is the silent majority of real estate investors who leverage real estate for free lives on their own terms.

In the last five years my portfolio has grown to a medium size and we are working to make it mighty. It’s so easy to get caught up in the grow, grow, grow — grow or die mantra and lose sight of why you started this in the first place. Reading this book really brought me back to base and helped me reconnect with our original goals.

Chad’s wisdom and focus on the WHY and the WHAT of life provides great guidance on building and running a Small & Mighty portfolio that is the enabler of the life you want to live not the end itself.

Five stars - a must read for anyone building a portfolio destined to support a life focused on family, community and fun.

tyler N. (Frisco, TX)
A strategic look at real estate investing and a great resource

"The Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor" to anyone interested in real estate investing. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting, this book is an invaluable resource that can help you succeed in this exciting and lucrative field, grab your copy of “The Small and Mighty Real Estate Investor” today!

About the Author
Chad Carson (aka Coach Carson) is an author, investor, podcaster, and life-long learner who used real estate investing to reach financial independence in his 30s. With a portfolio of thirty-plus houses and small multifamily properties, Chad's primary real estate strategy is buy-and-hold rentals—but he has also used private lending, wholesaling, fix-and-flips, and creative financing. His current passion is teaching other investors how to build a small and mighty rental property business so they can get out of the financial grind and do more of what matters. Based in Clemson, South Carolina, Chad and his family have also lived abroad in other countries, including 17 months in Cuenca, Ecuador and 12 months in Granada, Spain. When not writing about himself in third person, vying for the silliest dad award, or playing pick-up basketball, Chad enjoys volunteering with a local non-profit he co-founded to create a network of walking and bike paths in his hometown.