Accelerate Your Real Estate

Are you ready to break free from your nine-to-five job? Make your work optional by building and scaling a real estate portfolio without the hustle or DIY.

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Climbing the corporate ladder can mean higher stress, less time with your family, and still no financial freedom in sight. You might have heard that real estate is a powerful tool to build passive income and generational wealth, but you don’t have the clarity you need to take action. If fear of the unknown is holding you back or information overload is leading to “analysis paralysis," the SCALE framework can take you from hustle to freedom in no time.

In Accelerate Your Real Estate, Palak Shah and Niti Jamdar of Open Spaces Capital share their SCALE framework—a spin on the BRRRR strategy that will help you develop your real estate portfolio so it can thrive without your constant attention. With this strategy, you can make your real estate business so seamless that it requires less than six hours each week.

  • Know how to build a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio in three to five years, even if you have never invested in real estate 
  • Spend less than six hours a week working on your portfolio by leveraging systems, processes, and teams 
  • Buy properties all over the country sight unseen, even if you live in an expensive market 
  • Manage construction projects without ever leaving the comfort of your home 
  • Finance the purchase and rehab of your projects with very little of your own cash
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Juhan S. (Lawrenceville, GA)
Accelerate Your Real Estate

Enjoyed the book!

Colby M. (Mansfield, TX)

Accelerate Your Real Estate

Dean W. (Boise, ID)

This is a great "How to" book. Lays out a strategy that nearly anyone can follow to success. Hoping I can get my wife to read this to give her an overview of what "we" are trying to do.

Jorge (Boston, MA)
Excellent Overview on Strategy and Operationalization

I found this book to be a great overview that focuses on key strategies to implement early on in order to scale your REI portfolio. I found this to be critically important whether you are on your first or 20th property. Overall, would highly recommend.

Angelo C. (East Greenwich, RI)
Excellent Book!

Detailed advice for every step of the real estate journey. Useful perspective for those with higher paying jobs and less time who are looking to start or expand their real estate portfolio.

About the Authors

Palak Shah is the founder and owner of Open Spaces Capital and Open Spaces Women. An engineer by trade, after the birth of her two kids, Palak decided to make the move to entrepreneurship to be able to spend more time with her children. She brought her knowledge and 17 years of experience in building systems, processes, and scaling from her corporate career in engineering leadership to fast track her real estate investing journey. In her first three years investing full-time, she purchased, renovated, rented, and refinanced properties creating an almost $5M rental portfolio and generating $1M in annual revenue. It is now her passion to empower other investors to pursue entrepreneurship through real estate investing to live an empowered and financially free life without taking undue risks or over-leveraging through her coaching program Open Spaces Women.

Niti Jamdar is a founder and owner of Open Spaces Capital and Open Spaces Women. After working for 20 years as an Executive in Product Strategy and Finance for a Fortune 100 company, Niti made the shift to investing and entrepreneurship in 2020. With proficiency in strategy, leadership and scaling, Niti spends his time working on growing Open Spaces Capital by acquiring real estate all over the US. His expertise includes buying and renovating single family homes, small multi-family, and large apartment buildings. He is passionate about helping corporate professionals break the golden handcuffs through the power of real estate investing.