Real Estate Note Investing

Note investing will help you do more deals, maximize your current portfolio, and decrease risk—all through mastering finance and leverage. 

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  • How to Make Double-Digit Returns Buying Notes: A video conversation with Brandon Turner and Bob Paulus
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"This book is a must-read for all real estate investors, not only for understanding note investing but also to see the business from a lender's eyes."
—Matt Faircloth, Founder the DeRosa Group and author of Raising Private Capital

Whether through mortgages, student loans, or credit card debt, nearly all of us are in the note business. The trouble is, most people are on the other side of it: writing checks to note owners rather than cashing checks as note owners.

This isn’t another cookie-cutter "how to" book—instead, Dave Van Horn takes readers on a journey with him as he looks back over lessons learned across three decades of real estate investing, and the path that led him to his current success in the note industry. He teaches by example, illustrates with real-life stories, and gives a 30,000-foot view of the note space.

Whether you’re a wholesaler, rehabber, landlord, or turnkey investor, reading this book will help you focus on the “other side” of real estate. No matter your level of experience in the real estate business, the strategies in this book can help you build sustainable wealth today and for years to come.

  • Borrow smarter by making debt your friend
  • Raise money for your investments easier by understanding and appealing to private investors
  • Squeeze more profits out of the deals you’re already doing by utilizing creative offers and multiple financing strategies
  • Scale your investing through a passive investment vehicle that is backed by hard real estate without the tenants, termites, or toilets
  • Use note investing to pay for expenses like student loans and life insurance, or simply to provide additional cash flow for you into retirement
  • Become the bank and begin to use every form of leverage you have available
  • And much more!
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
JAY W. (Dallas, TX)
Real Estate Note Investing

The content was very enlightening and an enjoyable read

E.B. (Fort Worth, TX)
Great overview of using debt to supercharge your RE investing journey

Very easy to read and makes you think about debt in a totally different way. Dave has really done it all and landed on note investing as his core business, which speaks to the power of this strategy. Loved the overview and getting a feel of what the journey of a successful RE professional looks like. Can't wait to get started in this business, and I think given the market shifts, now is a great time!

Reiko W. (Lake Jackson, TX)

Real Estate Note Investing

Eric D.

Great book and really detailed, great creative strategies Dave used really makes this book great and how he used them to push passed his hurdles plus other amazing concepts proves that networking is really key to help pushing you to other levels and OPM its kinda funny I had to pause a few times to google some terms which helps with extra knowlege need to read this a few times cause there so much information overload in this book thanks Dave👍🔥🔥

Carlos E. (Bogotá, DC)

Real Estate Note Investing

About the Author

Dave Van Horn is president and CEO of PPR Note Co, a holding company that manages several funds that buy, sell, and hold residential mortgages nationwide. Dave has more than 30 years of experience with residential and commercial real estate experience as a licensed Realtor, a real estate investor, and a fundraiser. As the latter, Dave has raised more than $100M in both notes and commercial real estate. In addition to his investments and role as CEO, Dave’s biggest passion is to teach others how to share, build, and preserve wealth.