30-Day Stay

All the benefits of investing in Airbnbs without the hassle of turnover or the risk of changing city regulations! 

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  • Furnishing list for medium-term rentals 
    With links to easily purchase each item
  • Zeona's spreadsheet for property analysis 
    Run the numbers for STR, MTR, and LTR deals
  • Shifting from LTR to MTR in an Expensive Market 
    Video interview with Ashley Gallacher
  • When to Shift from STR to MTR 
    Video discussion with Authors Zeona & Sarah
  • How to Furnish Your MTR 
    Video Interview with Stager and Investor Tammy Richey
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“Zeona and Sarah lay out a very compelling case for an extremely under-utilized strategy. 30-Day Stay is the ultimate playbook for any investor looking to enter this profitable niche.”
—Ken Corsini, Host of HGTV’s Flip or Flop Atlanta and author of Profit like the Pros

Medium-term rentals (MTRs) are a simple and profitable concept: Instead of fighting short-term rental regulations or sacrificing cash flow to long-term rentals, the host requires a month-long minimum stay in a furnished property and reaps massive profits.

With nearly thirty properties and decades of real estate investing experience between them, authors Zeona McIntyre and Sarah Weaver introduce a powerful yet flexible real estate asset class with entertaining case studies woven in to keep you engaged the whole way through. Discover exactly why this strategy trumps short-term and long-term rentals and learn how to find the right properties in the right markets, supply the right furniture, and source the right tenants.

With the medium-term rental strategy, you will:

  • No longer need to worry about short-term rental regulations
  • Handle less communication and coordination with renters
  • Cut out a big percent of expenses on supplies, cleaning fees, and admin work
  • Say goodbye to lodging tax
  • Simplify your bookkeeping
  • Gain the ability to set your rates due to less competition
  • Deal with less vacancy than long-term rentals
  • Use the property yourself or as a guest apartment when needed
  • Find popularity in unusual locations (near a port, warehouse, etc.), allowing for cheaper property purchases
  • And much more!
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Shyd Coloma
Great Starting Point

If you're new to the MTR strategy pick up this book! It goes over all the essentials needed to get started with MTRs. I have a STR rental that I manage remotely and it doubles as a MTR during my market's slower season and I can't wait to implement some of the tips and tricks I learned from this book. It is also good knowledge as I begin looking for my next deal. I LOVE that the MTR strategy helps with cash flow and isn't as time consuming as running a full-on STR. Thanks Zeona and Sarah for putting together this book!


Amazing book! Extremely helpful! This book will provide you with the tools, knowledge and confidence to start your own MTR!

Ruben Galindo
30 Day Stay = Double Pay!!!

Bought my Ultimate Package at BP Con 2022 in San Diego. It was just in time since I was in the process of converting my LTR to MTR. This book provided valuable information. I was able to double the rent amount using the MTR method. Cash Flow went from $505 per month to approximately $1875 per month! Thanks Zeona and Sarah for such a great book!!!

Christina Stevens
Great Resource

Sarah and Zeona put so much information into 30-Day Stay and addition to extremely relevant bonus content. We just furnished our first MTR and this book was released at the perfect time! Thank you both for pouring your knowledge and expertise into this book.

30 Day Stay!!

Love the book, pre ordered at BPCON22 and so glad I did, the extra tools they sent me along with the book have me on my way to start my first mid term rental!!

About the Authors

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012. After ten years of being a short-term rental property manager and consultant, she has transitioned to selling real estate to investors who are looking to house hack or live for free. She is an avid real estate investor who owns and manages a double-digit portfolio, and she teaches listeners how to achieve financial freedom through real estate on her podcast, Invest2FI. She has been featured on BiggerPockets, Mr. Money Mustache, NPR, and has been a guest on more than fifty podcasts. Zeona has been to 47 countries—she spends half the year in Boulder, Colorado and the other half traveling the world as an international pet and house sitter.

Sarah Weaver is a coach, speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur, and business owner. Nothing thrills Sarah more than helping real estate agents and investors design the life of their dreams, whether that is making more money or working fewer hours (or both!). As an investor herself, Sarah now owns 19 units with a wide variety of strategies, including medium-term rentals, short-term rentals, and traditional rental properties—all of which she self-manages from afar. When Sarah isn't analyzing deals, you can find her looking up her next flight since she is a digital nomad who works 100% remotely from anywhere in the world. She has traveled to 44 countries and has been fully nomadic since January 2019.