David Osborn
Aaron Amuchastegui

Bidding to Buy

Buying foreclosed homes at auction removes the middleman, decreases your competition, and helps you buy at a discount.

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  • US map of foreclosure laws
    Detailing the laws that vary state-by-state
  • Foreclosure worksheets, checklists, and documents
    Including a list-building spreadsheet, max bid worksheet, scope-of-work checklists, pre-auction prep, title review, and more
  • Two author Q&A webinar recordings
    One with David Osborn and one with Aaron Amuchasetgui
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Bidding for properties on the courthouse steps while competing in real time with other investors is a thrilling experience. There’s nothing like it in the world of real estate, but there’s also a lot to learn. With dozens of insider auction secrets that are proven to help maximize returns, Bidding to Buy will show you the skills you need to successfully bid at auction, then turn a healthy profit on your investment.

Successfully buying foreclosures isn’t a matter of luck, and it isn’t for insiders only. However, it requires a process that can be repeated for optimal returns. In this book, you’ll find a full blueprint of the foreclosure process, including the repeatable five-step method that the authors have used to buy thousands of properties.

Discover a new kind of real estate investment and uncover profits on your local courthouse steps!

  • Find properties before they are broadly exposed to the market
  • Understand the entire foreclosure process and how it differs from state to state
  • Conduct complete title research and develop an eye for red flags
  • Navigate the potential risks and pitfalls behind a live auction
  • Access property listings and early posting data
  • Build an accurate financial analysis on any available property
  • Acquire creative and alternative financing methods, including no-cash solutions
  • Complete critical post-auction steps, such as evicting tenants
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
weizhi zhai
Good Books

I hope I can use this konwledge to embark on a smooth path of real estate investment, thanks to the author


Bidding to Buy

Chris Lineberger


Scott Otten
Bidding to buy

Very informative.

Thomas McCormick
The Book Foreclosure Investors Don't Want You To Know About

There are very few places to purchase real estate for a discount. One of those places it the courthouse steps on Super Tuesday. Historically, healthy margins have been a direct result of the archaic foreclosure process. Investors profiting from foreclosures prefer that it stays that way. Understanding this Aaron and David have shed light on the foreclosure process from start to finish. Outside of the nuts-and-bolts of the process, they addressed my #1 fear of foreclosures which was; "How do I afford to pay all cash for a property?" I'll give you a hint. Most investors aren't buying with their own money. How do you attract that money without a track record? Pick up the book and find out.

About the Authors

David Osborn is the New York Times bestselling author of Wealth Can’t Wait, Miracle Morning Millionaires, and Tribe of Millionaires. He has completed more than one thousand real estate deals over the course of 25 years, including single family, multifamily, development, and private equity investments. As a serial entrepreneur and the founder of more than fifty companies—including the 7th largest real estate company in the US—David’s goal is to achieve success in life by helping others achieve success in life.

Aaron Amuchastegui is the CEO of Roddy's Foreclosure Listing Service, which trains thousands of people to buy houses on the courthouse steps. Since 2009, he has personally completed more than 1,500 deals, most of which started at live, courthouse-step foreclosure auctions and ended as fix-and-flips or rental properties. Aaron is also a co-host of the Real Estate Rockstars Podcast, an Ironman triathlete, and a world-traveler alongside his wife and children.