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Simplify your real estate goals with a portfolio plan that fits your personal values, resources, and skills.

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Real estate is a powerful way to build wealth and achieve financial freedom, but the investment options can be overwhelming. Should you flip houses or buy rental properties? Should you buy locally or invest out-of-state? In the wide world of real estate, it can be difficult to identify which strategy best supports your individual vision. There is no one-size-fits-all portfolio, and ongoing uncertainty can result in analysis paralysis, investing burnout, or losing sight of your values altogether.

In this book, Dave Meyer—host of the BiggerPockets On the Market podcast and best-selling author of Real Estate by the Numbers—gives you a practical framework to craft and execute YOUR personalized real estate plan. By combining foundational knowledge and actionable advice, this book will help condense your real estate dreams into a straightforward blueprint that you can follow for the rest of your investing career. When you Start with Strategy, you can achieve your financial goals with more confidence and certainty than ever before.

  • Create a personalized ‘buy-box’ to easily identify high-quality deals that are perfect for you

  • Assess your resources and find the best ways to allocate them

  • Develop long-term financial goals and a time horizon

  • Mitigate risk so your portfolio can withstand economic changes

  • Discover new ways to maximize returns and optimize growth across your portfolio

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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Angel L. (Chino, CA)

Dave provides a very clear step by step process to beginning one’s investment career. I had been feeling overwhelmed with the consumption of real estate books, podcasts and webinars. However after reading this book I feel more comfortable beginning this journey. Thanks Dave!

Daniel Y. (Buffalo, NY)
Get this book!

I’ve purchased many books by Biggerpockets. This is BY FAR the most complete book for beginners and established REI enthusiasts! The distinction made between tactics and strategy made a huge difference in my approach to REI. The portfolio management model presented by Dave Meyer takes the investors current situation, resources and future goals into account and really takes the hype out of investing. He really conveys the message to design your desired future life well, treating each reader as a unique individual. This book will be referenced for years to come! Thank you Dave, and thank you again Biggerpockets!

Stasik P. (Paterson, NJ)
Great Book Very Informative

Really enjoyable read similar to Dave's 1st book. Does a great job of walking you step by step with a template that can be filled out as you go to help craft your target end state of your overall financial goals, figure out a portfolio that can help you reach those goals and then help you to reverse engineer it to find out your 1st/next best action item.

Sergio V. (Miami, FL)

I watch a lot of the bigger pocket podcasts (youtube) so I thought this book will not bring me so much stuff to learn, well I have been pleasantly surprised. I definitely recommend getting it. Thank you Dave.

Matthew T. (Wallingford, CT)

Easy read very informative

About the Author

DAVE MEYER has spent his career working in the technology industry while also investing in real estate. In 2016, he took the opportunity to combine his professional passions for real estate and technology and joined BiggerPockets, where he now serves as the VP of Data and Analytics. Dave has been a rental property investor in Colorado since 2010 and invests passively nationwide. He's also the host of the BiggerPockets On the Market podcast, which started in 2022 and is growing rapidly as a one-stop source for all things real estate analytics. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, eating sandwiches, and being outside. He currently lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.