Pillars of Wealth

Take the guesswork out of financial freedom with a strategy perfected by countless self-made millionaires. 

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    Six Steps to Eliminating Debt & Repairing Credit
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“Presenting wealth building and inner growth as two sides of the same coin, David Greene’s powerful book Pillars of Wealth is an all-encompassing guide to achieving financial freedom.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews

Building wealth isn’t complicated—but it’s also not easy. Abandon the get-rich-quick-schemes and take the guesswork out of financial freedom with a strategy perfected by countless self-made millionaires.

If you’re looking for a step-by-step blueprint for financial freedom, Pillars of Wealth provides a holistic approach to systematically make more money and watch it grow over time. In this book, seasoned investor DAVID GREENE reveals how he built a multimillion-dollar net worth from the ground up.

Whether you’re drowning in debt, swimming in cash, or floating in assets, David’s approach will revitalize your wealth-building strategy. You’ll learn how to unlock your earning potential, adopt new budgeting systems, start your own business, and invest for constant growth so you can build the financially free life of your dreams.

  • Unlock your earning potential to MAKE MORE MONEY each year
  • Learn to SAVE YOUR MONEY and stop excessive spending with an effective budget
  • Discover how to INVEST YOUR MONEY through proven real estate strategies
  • Learn to PROTECT YOUR MONEY through embracing tactful and legal tax savings
  • BECOME WEALTHY by replacing your job with investments and true financial freedom
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Maggie G. (Miami, FL)
Solid Content

Very solid, useful content, only wish I could time travel back to a younger age to be more aggressive then, like David.

Josh S. (Charlotte, NC)
The Book I Needed at Age 22

Pillars of Wealth is the book I needed to come in my life at age 22. Unfortunately for me, David Greene published this book twenty years later than I needed it. I’ve still done fine, being a Bigger Pockets devotee since 2018 but having Pillars of Wealth in my library in 2003 would have changed my trajectory dramatically.

In my youth, I knew the what — that I wanted to have freedom and build wealth — but lacked he how. I didn’t have models in and around my life to show me the path. Pillars of Wealth is the roadmap of the how, David Greene’s experience is a model. Illustrating fundamental concepts plainly yet relatably, David Greene lays out a roadmap to wealth than anyone with the gumption, drive and grit can walk down.

Pillars of Wealth is as powerful as Rich Dad, Poor Dad but even more practical and relatable. I will be giving this book as gifts to graduates and young people in my life and hope they can choose their own path to freedom and wealth using David Greene’s pillars.

Daniel (Keene, NH)
An Instant Foundational Classic

I consider this book on par with foundational financial literacy books such as The Richest Man In Babylon, Set For Life, and The Simple Path To Wealth. Pillars Of Wealth is a grounded, insightful education on basic financial principles that are guaranteed to help you spend less, make more, and invest the rest. David also gives you personal insights into his own financial journey and the mindsets and strategies that have helped him achieve the success he has enjoyed so far. If I could only recommend one book to help you prosper on your financial journey, I'd be comfortable recommending this one.

Wendy M. (Arlington, TX)
Wealth of knowledge

I enjoyed reading Pillars of Wealth and recommend it to others who may be interested to know how to start investing. There is a system in place that it’s simple if you are willing and disciplined to try. I look forward to reading more biggerpockets books as I continue to learn the world of investing!

Tom F. (Troy, VA)
David ties it all together

Drawing on a wide range of financial tools and perspectives David Greene has provided a very topical and timely financial-independence classic for an era of high interest rates. He covers basics (like get out of high interest consumer debt!) and covers investment fundamentals for the real estate space and draws on time honored principles that are helpful for even seasoned real estate professional to revisit.

About the Author

David Greene is the host of the BiggerPockets Podcast and a real estate investor with more than ten years of experience. He has bought, rehabbed, and managed more than 50 single-family rental properties, and he owns shares in three large multifamily apartment complexes, notes, triple-net, and short-term rental properties. He runs the top-producing David Greene Team with Keller Williams and also owns "The One Brokerage,” an award-winning mortgage company with a nationwide presence. David is the author of five books—including the best-seller titled Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat (BRRRR)—and his books have sold more than 450,000 copies combined. David loves basketball, Batman, being an uncle, and helping people achieve total financial freedom through real estate investing.