Lend to Live

Want to invest in real estate without the hassle? Learn how to create passive income in real estate as a private money lender.

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    A deep-dive video with the authors about mitigating common lending risks.
  • Attorney Questionnaire
    A list of questions to use as an interview guide when trying to find a local attorney.
  • Processing Checklist
    What documents to ask for from your borrower, when to ask for it, and why it’s important.
  • Multiple Worksheets and Samples
    Sample property criteria worksheet, rates and terms sheet for borrowers, schedule of real estate owned, non-owner occupied letter, wire instructions & checklist, and more!
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Authors Alex and Beth approach this nuanced vocation with practical, clear, and complete guidance that seeks neither to overcomplicate nor oversimplify the variables involved.”
—The American Association of Private Lenders

Actively investing in real estate can sometimes seem impossible. Not everyone can spend all hours of the day dashing off to talk to motivated sellers, managing fix-and-flips, or screening tenants for rental properties. Instead, you can choose a different path by “being the bank” for other active real estate investors—a strategy that works with any lifestyle, builds toward financial goals, and gives you time back in your day. 

What used to be a trade secret for corporate lenders is now available to the average person, and Lend to Live makes the private lending path actionable and accessible for everyone. With more than two decades of experience in the mortgage lending space and real estate investing, Alex Breshears and Beth Johnson show you how to invest in real estate from anywhere in the world—all you need is an internet connection and a cell phone. 

  • Why private money lending has become a popular alternative investment strategy to create passive income
  • How to establish baseline lending criteria to match your investment goals and risk tolerance
  • Steps to take to secure your investments using the C.P.R. private lending method
  • How to build a private lending virtual team to provide end-to-end support
  • Key pieces of information to collect and the process of underwriting a loan opportunity
  • The risks and rewards of private lending as a passive real estate investment
  • Precautions and key considerations to help reduce your risk exposure
  • Tactics, tools, and tips to ensure your loan is safe from origination to final payoff
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Dan Davis
Great read for aspiring PM lenders + active investors alike

I picked up 'Lend to Live' after Cody Davis recommended it to me earlier this year. I was not disappointed with my time investment to learn what PM lenders look for & how I can set myself up for future successes when approaching lenders with potential deals.

Thank you Beth + Alex for taking the time & effort to write this wonderful book.

Ted Connely
Not bad

The book was ok but left me with questions

Anthony P.
Phenomenal book from extremely knowledgeable authors.

Real estate investing can often times seem very esoteric, hard to understand and like you are drinking from a fire hose when you are first getting started. That is not the case with this book. It is packed full of practical and instructional knowledge on an otherwise daunting topic. I have known and worked with Alex for a past few years and she has done an excellent job culminating personal and professional experience into this book. You will not find a better one-stop-shop for your Private Lending needs and I am excited to put the lessons and concepts into practice in my business and life.

FINALLY - A Book on Private Lending!

THIS is what you've been missing in the real estate industry. Everyone talks about no money down strategies, but they never talk about being the person who IS the private lender. It's a whole different learning curve and one that I'm loving, especially with this book! Alex and Beth really laid out the info with everything you need to become a bank. There are three whole chapters on underwriting which is super helpful for newbies.

Flat out best real estate book for women....EVER

I attended the talk on private money lending at BP Con and just listening to that talk I realized that my "home" in real estate was going to be lending. I went to the short term rental talk, and the multifamily talk but they just didn't move me to want to learn more. Both sounded like way too much work. I'm a mom of four kids, all of them in soccer, and the last thing I needed was a guest complaining the mattresses were too hard. I bought the book at the conference in paperback, and also bought the e-book to read on my kindle on the go. Once I started it I couldn't stop! I'm almost through it now, and this stuff is pretty amazing! It's a whole side of real estate I didn't know existed, but also kinda knew it was there because obviously you have to borrower money to buy houses. As a mom, I feel like I could fit this in, and I will definitely be joining these ladies group online. I'm so happy I decided to go to the private lending talk! For anyone wanting to learn more about this style of investing, you can't beat this book. Just follow the path they laid out, start talking to people like they mention, and you will be off and running quickly. I'm looking forward to doing my first private loan next month!

About the Authors

Alex Breshears owns two private lending companies and is a real estate investor of twenty years. Alongside private money lending, she is also a short-term rental owner, limited partner in syndications, and fund manager. She is passionate about financial education and independence for women, and she started an educational group called Lend2Live: Private Lending Lessons that offers networking opportunities to a collection of investors. Alex is a member of the Education Committee for the American Association of Private Lenders and holds their Certified Fund Manager designation. She is a military spouse, a dog mom of four, horse owner, and was a chemistry professor for ten years with a special focus on pharmacology.

Beth Johnson is Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Flynn Family Lending—a private lending business based in Washington—and she has transacted on more than $100 million in private loans. A self-described “private money matchmaker,” Beth prides herself in offering passive income opportunities to investors while providing innovative lending products to active real estate investors across the state. She began her own real estate investing career in 2004 with flipping houses and wholesaling before eventually delving into private lending. She has since grown her own portfolio of buy-and-hold multifamily properties and currently owns forty units. In her spare time, you can find Beth enjoying time with her blended family of five, running, traveling, and playing poker.