First to a Million Workbook

A step-by-step guide to help you change the way you look at money before you turn 20!

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  • Bonus 25-page ebook by Scott Trench
    Six Steps to Eliminating Debt & Repairing Credit
  • Bonus chapter by Craig Curelop
    How to Save for Your First House Hack
  • An exclusive coupon for 50% off The Simple StartUp Challenge 
    A program with the ChooseFI Foundation to start a business while in high school
  • Bonus video: The “Founder” of House Hacking
    With Brandon Turner and Craig Curelop
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"Money isn't taught in schools, and certainly not how to get financial independence at an early age. I found the book to be a great read for adults, too. It goes beyond the boring stuff of budgeting and digs into what makes you happy and how to think differently about money."
Scott Alan Turner, Rock Star Financial Planning

In this companion workbook to First to a Million, teenagers will accelerate their path to financial independence and learn even more about personal finance and investing. This interactive planner contains critical action items, tasks, and exercises—all organized into simple semester-long sections and a timeline that can be adjusted to fit your age or level of experience.

It’s never too early to start working toward your FI Freak goals. With time (and compound interest) on your side, you can win the game before it even starts!

  • Find a mentor that can help you grow toward your goals
  • Manage your expenses aso you can save as much money as possible
  • Get your first credit card and start building your credit score
  • Build passive income streams to work toward financial freedom
  • Open a brokerage account to invest in index funds
  • Close on your first real estate purchase (when you’re ready!)
  • And much more!
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great book

Keri C. (Petaluma, CA)
Love this

My oldest son is only 10 right now, but I own 10 properties currently so this is a big deal in my world and I am eager to get him started. Most of the material is too advanced for him right now, but won't be within a year or two. I am reading it to him right now (he can read fine but I want us both engaged) and he is asking appropriate questions about the book right now and I'll start pushing him to take some actions within the next few years. Hopefully by the time he's out of high school he will be ready!

Karen B. (Denver, CO)
Buy this book!

You can tell the author genuinely cares about young people. From beginning of chapter 28: “Hundreds of teens make their way into my classroom every year. After getting to know thousands of them over the last two decades, I can say one thing with utmost certainty – I respect each and every one of you.”

The info is presented in easy-to-understand concepts without “talking down”. I appreciate the focus on happiness over simple material gain. I also like that this isn’t one of those “sacrifice everything” approaches. Financial advice often dictates that you stop absolutely all spending, which can be hard to do. This book takes the time to break it down and discuss when some purchases make sense (add value) vs when it’s best to skip. And leaves room for each person to determine what’s important to them without judgment. It all comes back to what adds value and happiness. It’s this type of compromise/nuance that I appreciate. Near the end of Ch. 15 he writes: “The idea is not to struggle through a few years of hardship and pain only to find happiness after you reach FI. [financial independence] The journey itself should be fun and rewarding, thus bringing you happiness along the way. If you can’t describe yourself as a happy person while you work toward early FI, something is wrong.”

All-in-all, an awesome roadmap to earn/save/invest money to get to financial freedom with lots of great, practical information that you don’t get from a classroom - but every young person needs to know. Be sure to check out the companion workbook which makes working through the steps even easier.

Brian S. (Williamsburg, VA)
First To A Million

My 13 year old daughter cannot put the book down! She's so intrigued by the concept of FI and is asking questions that I never had at her age. This is a must read for all young people!

Roger A. (Chester, SC)
Response to Delivery

I actually bought this book set for my niece for Christmas so I cannot comment on the book or workbook. But, I can say that there was a delivery issue with the work book and, after contacting Bigger Pockets, the issue was resolved very quickly. Thank you, Bigger Pockets, for the help!

About the Author

Dan Sheeks is the owner and founder of SheeksFreaks LLC, an online community dedicated to helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions. He has been a high school business teacher in Denver, Colorado, for eighteen years, and he’s passionate about teaching teenagers personal finance, passive income, real estate investing, and early financial freedom strategies. Dan and his wife own fifteen units and have enjoyed success with multifamily, short-term rentals, and the BRRRR strategy. In his free time, Dan likes to run, bike, cross-country ski, and attend bluegrass music festivals.