First to a Million

Change the way you look at money before you turn 20... and become a FI Freak! 

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    How to Save for Your First House Hack
  • An exclusive coupon for 50% off The Simple StartUp Challenge 
    A program with the ChooseFI Foundation to start a business while in high school
  • Bonus video: The “Founder” of House Hacking
    With Brandon Turner and Craig Curelop
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"Dan Sheeks got this feedback from one of his high school students: "I just want someone to tell me what to do and keep it simple. What exactly should I do over the next couple of years, and when should I do it?” Dan's response is the wonderful book First To A Million."
—Brad Barrett, Co-host and co-founder of the ChooseFI Podcast

Most teenagers are told about only one financial path: Work until you’re old and then retire. But what if you want to spend your adult life traveling, creating, or bettering the world instead of working all day, every day? 

Financial independence (FI) is the only way to win the resource you can’t rewind: time. Time for yourself, time for your family and friends, and time for your dreams. Build the freedom to define your own future by building a strong financial base—which means saving more, spending less, and starting to invest as soon as possible. 

First to a Million explores the many advantages of FI while explaining the secrets of investing, living frugally, and maintaining an entrepreneurial mindset. Treating your finances differently than the average teenager will put you miles ahead of your peers, and with time (and compounding) on your side, you can win the game before it even starts!
  • Why the typical American Dream pathway is not for everyone
  • How a FI Freak can take control of their financial future
  • The Four Mechanisms of Early FI (Spoiler: They’re ridiculously simple!)
  • How to make more money as a teen with creative jobs and side hustles
  • How to be frugal and live richly with a life full of happiness and flexibility
  • The difference between income and wealth, real and false assets, and good and bad debt
  • Personal finance basics—like tracking income and expenses, building a credit score from the ground up, and calculating your net worth
  • Investing basics—like earning passive income, understanding the power of compound interest, and how index funds and real estate can build your wealth
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Keisha f. (Waikoloa, HI)
Perfect book for teens!

This is a great book for teens to start their financial journey. Purchased 2 books for recent high school graduates

Keri C. (Petaluma, CA)
Good book

I’m trying to get my son into financial
Independence. He’s a little young at 10 but I’m reading it to him nonetheless. We’ll revisit it and other books as he gets older.

Charles M. (Fort Worth, TX)

First to a Million

David E. (Green Valley, AZ)
This will be a gift for our grand kids.

Great book. Fast read, understandable, we are buying a copy of Robt Kyosoki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad to combine with this book, for each of our Grand Kids, with a note, read the “Dad” book first then First to a Million. Then go be first.

Chris F. (Gettysburg, PA)

First to a Million

About the Author

Dan Sheeks is the owner and founder of SheeksFreaks LLC, an online community dedicated to helping young people live their best lives by making smart money decisions. He has been a high school business teacher in Denver, Colorado, for eighteen years, and he’s passionate about teaching teenagers personal finance, passive income, real estate investing, and early financial freedom strategies. Dan and his wife own fifteen units and have enjoyed success with multifamily, short-term rentals, and the BRRRR strategy. In his free time, Dan likes to run, bike, cross-country ski, and attend bluegrass music festivals.