Joshua Dorkin
Brandon Turner

How to Invest in Real Estate

Tailor your approach to real estate investing with this valuable book from the longtime co-hosts of The BiggerPockets Podcast; their life-changing, customized advice “will catapult you 5-10 years ahead of where you are now” (Ryan Harris, Super Bowl 50 Champion and real estate investor).

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    Includes inspections checklists, loan documentation, questions to ask your agent, lender, property manager, and more!
  • Three Video Interviews with Real Estate Lenders
    Interviews with a conventional lender, commerical lender, and hard money lender.
  • Exclusive Video: From Moron to Millionaire
    Why you don't need to be a financial genius to be a successful real estate investor
  • Video Interview: Double Your Income Through Vacation Rentals
    With Elizabeth Colegrove on the ins and outs of short-term rentals
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Real estate investing can be a powerful way to build wealth and achieve true financial freedom. But it can be hard to know where to start: From BRRRR and flipping to short-term and long-term rentals, how do you know whether a real estate strategy fits your personality, lifestyle, and financial goals?

In this groundbreaking guide, two of the biggest names in the real estate business have teamed up to write the most comprehensive manual ever. How to Invest in Real Estate is the ultimate strategy guide to help you achieve personal and financial success through real estate investing. Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner—longtime hosts of the world’s #1 real estate podcast, The BiggerPockets Podcast—use their insider knowledge to help you find the strategies and opportunities in real estate that match your resources and your goals.

Unlike most traditional real estate books, this one won’t tell you there is “one secret path” to success in real estate investing. Instead, you’ll find dozens of unique paths to profitability and discover more than forty inspiring true stories from real estate investors who are succeeding in today’s economy..


  • How to balance a full-time job with real estate projects—and earn more from both!
  • All about LLCs, corporations, and getting your friends and family on board with real estate investing
  • Eight unique property types and twenty-eight fantastic methods for finding great deals
  • Eleven powerful strategies for building wealth through real estate
  • Partnerships, BRRRR investing, and other creative ways to fund your deals
  • And so much more!
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Customer Rating and Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
David K. (Brooklyn, NY)

Its really really amazing! I really learnt a lot from it, not only in real estate, but in a lot of aspects in life, and financials. It definitely deserves a 5 star rating! Looking foward to read the next book of your store!

Amber K. (Honolulu, HI)
Great Resource!

Bigger Pockets has been a valuable resource for me as a beginner in real estate investing.

How to invest in real estate.

Highly recommended to any beginner.

jessica h. (Beverly, MA)

Great read very useful!

ניב נ. (Tel Aviv, TA)

How to Invest in Real Estate

About the Authors

Joshua Dorkin is the founder of BiggerPockets, as well as a serial entrepreneur, investor, podcaster, publisher, and educator. He started BiggerPockets to help democratize the real estate investing landscape for himself and others, aiming to make it accessible for everyone, regardless of income or education. Joshua, along with his wife and three daughters, make their home in Denver, Colorado, and spend any time they can traveling, exploring, and adventuring.

Brandon Turner is an author, entrepreneur, and active real estate investor with more than 1,000 rental units under his belt. He was the longtime co-host of The BiggerPockets Podcast, and he's the author of seven books that have sold more than a million copies combined. A life-long adventurer, Brandon (along with his wife and daughter) splits his time between his home in Hawaii and various other destinations around the globe.